Because there is so much more to transformation than what we may see on #TransformationTuesday

I, as well as many of you all out there, never get tired of seeing an awesome transformation.  I can look at the shows like Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss and I am so blown away by the transformations that these people are making. Lets be serious, it appears that they are completely changing their lives.  and they are in the moment. But in the end are they really changing anything?

When I first lost weight I thought I had accomplished some major feat. I had completely transformed my exterior.  I had dropped the pounds,  felt better, and I looked better.  I had struggled, but in the end I actually did it and wow what a transformation!! I mean look at me. When you make the comparison the difference is amazing!!

Before and after with a 60+ lb weightloss

Many people look at this comparison and they at so impressed with the work I put in, but that is only because they don’t know the full story.  Some may not agree with me, but for me losing weight was the easy part.   It was shortly after I reached my goal weight that I realized, my transformation wasnt complete and the battle had just begun.   Weight will come off pretty quickly if you have quiet a bit to lose and are willing to work for it, so for me it was only a relatively short time to lose the weight. For that short time I was able to control my appetite and bad habits and make that transformation happen. When I made it to my goal weight, I found it harder and harder to resist the temptations. One bite wouldn’t hurt right?   It was then when I realized that even though I had transformed on the outside, the inside hasn’t changed at all. I still had no self control when it came to controlling my eating.  I still didn’t see what I was really doing wrong and I still didn’t like myself.  That was one of the reasons that I decided to take control of my life and build the life and body I wanted.  Now that I have been at it for 4+ years I know that the real amazing transformation is the one that comes over time. Transforming your thoughts and actions to maintain your progress. While the above transformation may be impressive, the true proof of my hard work is this one…

2012 on the left and 2015 on the right

Almost anyone can transform their life for a short period of time and demonstrate  transformation, but the true test is when they continue on.  Pushing on through all obstacles.No matter what life throws at them, or how rough things to get,  the ones that come out on top are the truly impressive transformations.


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