Give yourself 21 days!!!- Take the challenge

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Hey Everyone,  Today I want to talk about the importance of making time for yourself and trusting yourself enough to actually let change happen.  I remember before I was actually successful at weight loss, i didn’t even let myself start.  Before I would actually get started I already had myself convinced that I shouldn’t try because I wouldn’t be able to be successful. It was only until I found the right support system that I was able to get it together and actually make steps toward being truly happy with myself and my body.  So I am challenging all of you, Give yourself 21 days to …​

  • Learn healthy habits​
  • Start to exercise​
  • Learn portion control​
  • Make a complete change​
  • Finally take control ​
  • Transform your life​

I will be there with you every step of the way.

  • The Group starts April 6th​
  • You will get to be a part of a free online support group​ to help with motivation accountability
  • You will be able to work with your own online health and fitness coach​
  • You will get a easy to follow meal plan and exercise program for beginners all the way to advanced​

You can do this, and now can be your time to make it happen.  What have you go to lose?  GIVE YOURSELF 21 DAYS!!

For more info visit HERE, comment below,  or email me at tabathasjourneytoforeverfit (at)


Ready for a challenge?

Attention!!! As you all know I have lost a considerable amount of weight. 😀
On this journey I have learned a thing or two about what it takes to shed the weight, get healthy, and really transform your self. Now I would love to share all of my secrets with you!
I am officially inviting each and every one of you to join my 30 day Lose Weight and Feel Great Challenge
If you accept the challenge you will get to be a part of my exclusive Facebook group where I will be sharing
Daily motivation
Suggested meal plans
healthy eating tips🍍🍌
exercise suggestions
You will also be expected to
get active🏃🏊🚴
strive for self improvement
work toward you goals

You will get to be a part of an awesome group of people who are working toward the same goal as you, to get healthy, feel better, and to lose weight. I will be there to coach you along the way as you start your journey to forever fit!!

If you are interested message me on

Workout Wednesday- Legs

Starting this week I will be sharing one workout from my week with you.  Hopefully it will give you some ideas that can be incorporated into your own workouts.  Here was my workout from Monday.  Weight should be as heavy as possible for you to successfully complete the reps listed.

Leg extensions- 4 sets of 12 reps

Squats – Warm up set of 12, 2 sets of 10, 1 set of 6, 1 set of 3.  Increase weight as the rep numbers decrease.  The weight needs to be as high as it can as long as you can successfully complete the number of reps listed.

Seated leg press- 4 sets of 15

Seated leg curl- 4 sets of 12

Stiff leg deadlifts 3 sets of 12

Disclaimer: I am not a certified fitness professional.  All things that I share are what I have learned from my personal experiences on my fitness journey.

Best Booty Forward

If you are like me you want to put your Best Booty Forward in 2015.  For this reason I am spending the month of January completely dedicated to working the booty.  In addition to my normal workouts I will be completing this booty building challenge. Wanna join? I will be checking in each day on Facebook to let you know I am doing the work.  Be sure to keep me accountable and I will do the same.