Week 3 Results for the Bodybuilding.com 200k transformation challenge and the Labrad Lean Body Challenge

Hey everyone, this is coming a bit late, but better late than never, right? Well week 3 has some and gone and I am still up in the air about whether it was successful or not. Don’t get me wrong, it was successful in the fact that I did stick to my plan, and while I was really busy, I somehow managed to get in everything I had to. I was however rather disappointed because I didn’t really see very much of a change appearance wise when I took progress pictures. So since the change really wasn’t there, I had to look for other things to make myself proud. So here is my list of celebrations for the week.

  • I increased my skull crushers to 40 lbs
  • I found out I will be featured on the Quest Nutrition website.  I LOVE Quest bars!!!
  • I got everything in, even though I was SUPER busy
  • I weighed myself in, and was down 6 lbs since starting this challenge (I don’t worry about weight but it was nice to see things are changing)

Now I am focusing on staying positive, because I know if I keep on the path, and trust the plan, change will happen!!

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Results- Week 1 Of the Bodybuilding.com 200k Transformation Challenge and the Labrada Lean Body Challenge


Hey everyone!  I just wanted to check in to give you a progress update on how my first week of the Bodybuilding.com  200K Transformation Challenge and the Labrada Lean Body Challenge.  If has been a GREAT week and I am super excited about my results so far.

If you read my plan on a previous post (which you can find HERE), I have set several goals for myself each week. So here are the results

  • I have drank 7 of 7 planned gallons of water
  • I took 100,186 0f 100,000 planned steps.
  • I did 357 of 240 minutes planned cardio
  • I completed 3 of 3 planned HIIT sessions
  • I completed 5 of 5 planned strength training sessions
  • I stuck to my meal plan 7 of 7 days.

As you can see, I have had a very successful week with my goals but I am going to be honest, I didn’t really think it was working.  I just didn’t feel any changes happening and honestly I almost always felt bloated.  I was actually dreading taking my progress pictures when Sunday rolled around. In the end I sucked it up, and did them.  I was SO SHOCKED with the changes.

Week 1 results
Week 1 results

This week, in addition to my normal goals, I want to work on trusting the process. Awesome things are happening (as you see) and I am going continue to work hard and enjoy it!!

Meal Prep and Meal Plan Week of January 12th.


Hey Everyone, Today is Sunday which is the day that I almost always do my meal prep.  As you may remember from previous posts, I am on a rather strict diet now for the Bodybuilding.com challenge and the Labrada Lean Body Challenge. Today I am going to try to organize this food prep post by macro-nutrients today to give you a little better idea of how I am filling my macros.




  • Oatmeal (Portioned out to be prepared each day)
  • Rice (steamed in my rice cooker)
  • Blueberries
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Green beans


  • Peanut butter
  • Egg Yolks
  • Olive oil

In the end a typical day will look like this

  • Meal 1- Protein shake, a fat source
  • Meal 2- Eggs and Oatmeal
  • Meals 3, 4, and 5.  A prepared meat accompanied by a serving of  vegetables
  • Meal 6 tuna and cottage cheese, or more egg whites

I will be using the rice and protein powder post workout.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below.  I have tried to include a link to all possible items so you can actually see what I use.

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