How to continue after the fitness honeymoon is over


I know we have all been there with so many things in life.  You start something new and are super excited and glad to do it.  After some time and the novelty wears off, you are not as keen to keep at it.  This also happens when you start living the fit life.  In the beginning it is new and exciting, and you are so happy to be seeing quick results, but after a while the results slow down, the daily chicken starts to taste nasty and you try to think of ways to get out of working out.

The good news is, we have all been there, myself included.  I had the chance to write about this recently in a blog for my sponsor  1st Step Pro Wellness. Click HERE to check out my blog post to get my tips to keep hitting it hard after the fitness honeymoon phase is over.



Hello all of you out there who I hope is reading this!!! I am SO excited to finally be starting a blog to accompany my facebook page ( I have always loved to write and share things with others.  So this seems like the perfect, logical next step.   For the last year or so I have gotten great pleasure and motivation from sharing my 60+ lb weight loss and continued fit lifestyle with everyone. I hope that you will enjoy reading these posts as much as I love writing them.