Food Prep and Meal Plan- Week of January 5


Hey everyone,  Food prep went down today in my kitchen and I am SO glad to have it done.  Prepping really is tough work and it takes a while to get it down pat, but once you do it is a life saver and really makes life so much easier.   Today I prepped for the upcoming week.  For those who have been following, you know that I am about to change my diet starting tomorrow, so all of the food prepped is part of my new food plan. You can find my shopping list here. Today I fixed


I also portioned out oatmeal for the week.  I divided meat and eggs into individual servings.  The veggies will be added to it the night before. I stick 2 days worth of meat in the freezer and I will take them out on Wednesday to ensure that they are ready to eat on Thursday

In order to make meal prep as painless as possible I try to have all of my meats cooking at once.  This saves time.  I also fix my eggs in batches and divide it to save time.  When it comes to steaming my veggies I always  have microwave steam bags like these on hand because they make steaming veggies SO easy.  Speaking of easy, I also use a rice cooker like this one to prepare my rice. It really takes all of the guess work out of boiling rice since it automatically cuts off when the rice is cooked.

I usually eat 6 meals a day and I prep for 4 of those meals.  This week here is a general snapshot of what I will be eating.  Keep in mind, this is set for my body to help reach my goals.

Meal 1- Protein shake, a tbsp of peanut butter

Post workout- rice and a shake

Meal 2- Eggs with salsa, and oatmeal with blueberries

Meal 3, Meal 4 and Meal 5- one of my prepared meats with veggies

Meal 6- tuna with cottage cheese and celery or eggs

I get meal 1 ready to go in a shaker bottle the night before and I decide on meal 6 when I get home in the evening. I will have 2 carb up days throughout the week that I will prepare for the night before.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have in the comments below.  Meal prep can be confusing at first, but I promise keep at it and you will get the hang of it. You will also really appreciate all of the time it saves you.


My Plan for the 200K Transformation Challenge and the Labrada Lean Body Challenge

As some of you may already know, I have officially registered for the 200K Transformation challenge on I have also registered for the Labrada Lean Body Challenge.  I will admit, that I am so excited to get this transformation challenge underway.  I just crave the drive that comes from having something to work toward.  Needless to say this challenge has monopolized my thoughts over the last several days in order to come up with my action plan that will lead me to success on this challenge.   By success I mean having results that I can be proud of, not winning. The plan is so important because I believe that is where many of us fall short when it comes to living the fit life, we have all of the drive and aspirations to get there but never come up with a plan of how to to get us there. So  here is my plan:

  • Drink at least a gallon of water a day– Anyone who knows me knows that this will be a struggle for me, but water is so important at flushing out the body.  It is definitely a necessity!!
  • Track at least 100,000 steps a week on my Fitbit– Roughly this will average out to about 14000 a day
  • Strength train 4-5 days a week– I usually do 4 days a week (shoulders and triceps, back and biceps, legs, chest), but sometimes I break into 5 days a week (shoulders, arms, legs, chest, back)
  • Do ab work every day I strength train– Alternate upper and lower abs each day.
  • Incorporate 3 HIIT cardio sessions a week– These will take place in the night in addition to my morning workouts
  • Follow my meal plan without planned cheats– I will be having planned clean  cheats every 2 weeks.
  • Eat every 2.5-3 hours–  Sometimes I let life step in and I look at the clock and realize that I have went 4 hours without eating. I really need to be consistent on my meals to stay on track
  • Track my exercise– I never track my exercise but I will start keeping track of reps, weights, etc so that I can see growth.
  • Take weekly progress pictures– While I only need to have before and after pictures for the challenge, weekly pictures helps me see if I am on the right track and also keeps me motivated.

Be sure to check back as I will be sharing more info about my meal prep, specific workouts, and my shopping list.

Where are my results???

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Many times when people start working out and changing their diet they have such high hopes for themselves (they should to some point).  After seeing success stories from many outlets in the media the idea of losing weight has sort of been romanticized and  for some reason portrayed as easy. From magazine covers, to online success stories, to the biggest loser we have been exposed to so many quick weight loss success stories, that somehow people have begun to think that it is normal to see drastic results within a very short amount of time.  In reality this just isn’t so.

As a society we have been bombarded with products, concepts, and programs that guarantee quick, almost overnight results. When in reality if you want to see a change you are going to have to accept the fact that you are not starting a plan that will last a few weeks or a few months, you are going to be on a plan that will last a lifetime. It is often said when you are changing your lifestyle in hopes of living a fitter life it takes 4 weeks for you to notice a change, 8 weeks for your friends and family to notice, and 12 weeks for everyone else to notice.  Since we are brainwashed to believe that the results will come quick, and it can be so easy, many people give up before they make it to 4 weeks because they aren’t seeing results.

A healthy lifestyle, that brings results(both physical and mental), is not something that you can work at until you have finally accomplished it. It is something that you have to work for and even after you have met your goals and you are happy with your body you have to work to maintain it. The important thing to remember is to be patient and consistent at working toward your goals. If you do this you will eventually reach them.  Find a plan that works for you, stick to it, trust the process and the results will come!