Why I still enter transformation challenges on Bodybuilding.com even though I have no chance of winning

make-yourself-proudI have always been intrigued by a challenge. For some reason I can get motivated to work a lot harder when I know I am going to be held accountable at the end. I crave competition. It is for this reason that time and time again I register for the Bodybuilding.com transformation challenges. If I am honest with myself I know that I have a snowballs chance in hell of winning one of these. Please don’t take this as my low self esteem rearing its ugly head yet again, because this is about me loving myself and being proud of what I can accomplish no matter what others think about it.

Results from the fall 2014 , 6 week challenge on Bodybuilding.com
Results from the fall 2014 , 6 week challenge on Bodybuilding.com

Starting in less than 2 weeks, January 11th to be exact, the Bodybuilding.com $200,000 Transformation challenge presented by Dymatize will start and you can bet that I am already registered and getting excited about taking my training and meal plan to the next level. For 12 grueling weeks I will work my butt off ( literally) by following a strict workout regimen and diet plan. I will weigh every morsel of food that goes in my mouth, eat every 3 hours (if not sooner), workout at least 6 days a week, and make great progress that I will be proud of in the end.

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So with all of this being said, the question remains, why will I not win.  It is all about aesthetics.  I just don’t have the Bodybuilding.com look and I probably never will. I have extra skin that just wont go away, I have a saggy tummy that has several scars, and yet no matter the results of the transformation, I can still be proud of the fact that for 12 weeks I gave it my all and at the end I will be in the best shape of my life. I don’t know what you think but that definitely sounds like a win to me!!


Why my success isn’t determined by a picture perfect body.

When I first started working out and changing my lifestyle, I remember complaining to my trainer about how the results just weren’t happening, and he told me to enjoy the process. That half the journey is the process it takes to get there.  At the time I thought he was crazy, but now I can look back and see that he was SO right. I was patient and put in the work, and now I am more proud of the journey I have had than the results I have seen.  Don’t get me wrong, great progress has been made, but the mental change and the journey that brought me here are more amazing than any change that could take place externally.

We are so hard on ourselves, and so unforgiving when it comes to evaluating our own successes When you are on a journey for weight loss or better fitness, you are going through a process that, if you continue, will teach you so much over time. When you start to see that success (from what ever measure you are determining it) you will be able to look back and see all of the growth you have experienced as a person.  For me the biggest area of growth has come from the way I see myself.  In the past my complete self worth came from the number on the scale and what I saw in the mirror.  Throughout my journey I have learn to base my success on how I feel and what I can accomplish. I have gone from a person who really saw themselves as having no worth, and blossomed into a strong, proud woman, who has 100% faith in her abilities. I am too valuable to let something as subjective as exterior beauty and a number on a scale determine my self worth
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After seeing this picture today on Facebook I was so in love with it.  For the last 3+ years that I have spent busting my butt day in and day out to see the changes I want to see in my body. Many days I just don’t feel that the results that I have seen are an accurate portrayal of the work that I put in.  It is things like this little little bit of inspiration, from some random person on Facebook, that reminds me that no matter the results that I am seeing in the moment, no matter how I am feeling about my current body state, I am on a journey, I MUST keep going. Because no matter where I am at in this moment, if I keep working at it, it is a heck of a lot better than where I was.