Workout Wednesday- Arms


Hey everyone, I really love working my arms, especially my triceps. Here is a are vent arm workout I did that really left me feeling it for a few days. As always. The weight you use should be determined by the amount you can lift at the reccomended reps 

4 sets of 12 barbell curls

4 sets of 12 preacher curls

4 sets of 12 hammer curls

4 sets of 10 skull crushers superset with 4 sets of 10 standing tricep extensions

4 sets of 10 close grip bench press

4 sets of dips to failure

4 sets of 15 pull downs



Where do I go from here?

Hey everyone!! If you are following my journey you know that I am currently participating in the 200K Transformation Challenge and the Labrada Lean Body Challenge.  Well I am in the last month of both of these challenges, so it is time to think about where I go from here.  I always have a plan, because without a plan you just don’t get anywhere.

So after much thought I have decided I am going to do Insanity.


I have done portions of the Insanity program before and I can tell you that it really has been the most difficult workout program I have ever done.  It is also very worthwhile and the feeling you get when you make it through one of those workouts is a feeling of great accomplishment.  I will be leading a challenge group to go along with this program.  It will be starting on April 1st.  I would love for you to join me!!! Anyone who wants to participate will be invited to join a private Facebook group and I will be there for questions and encouragement along the way.  No matter your fitness level, we WILL get through this together and we WILL see great changes. If you would like more informaito comment below or visit and you can contact me there.  I am so excited that we might be taking this journey together!!!

Workout Wednesday- Chest

Hey Everyone!! As I do every week, I will be sharing a workout with you that I have completed recently. This week I will be sharing a recent chest workout that I did.  I typically work chest with my trainer, but this week I couldn’t make our session and had to workout on my own. So here is my workout.  As always, the amount of weight that you should use should be the maximum that you can handle while completing the recommended number of reps.

  • Barbell bench press- 4 sets of 10
  • Inclined bench press- 4 sets of 10
  • Chest Press machine- 4 sets of 12
  • Dumbbell flys- 4 sets of 10
  • Pec Dec Fly- 4 sets of 12
  • Dips- Chest version 4 sets of 12

Hope you enjoy this workout as much as I did!! If you have any questions I would love to hear them in the comments below!!!

Why I strength train and why you should too!!


As I was hitting it hard in the weights section of my gym this morning, I looked around only to realize that I was surrounded by sweaty, testosterone filled, flexing in the mirror, grunting guys. There was not another female in sight.  This didn’t bother or intimidate me because believe me when I say I can hold my own in the weight room, but it did make me sad.  I can see how girls could be intimidated by this situation and how some girls may avoid the weight room for fear that they will look silly or they aren’t lifting as much as the guys. In the end if you consider all of the benefits of strength training, it is worth it to put on your big girl panties and start movin’ the weight.

Strength training has many benefits. One of the major benefits is that it can help turn your body into a calorie burning machine. The more you strength train the more muscle you will build.  The more muscle you build the more calories your body will burn at a resting rate.

Another benefit is that it really does make you feel better. On a personal note, I know my day is MUCH better when I start it out with my morning sweat session. But it really is true that exercise makes you feel better because when you exercise your body gets filled with dopamine (a feel-good neurotransmitter) which causes you to feel happy.

Strength training also makes you stronger (DUH!!). While this may be obvious, the true benefit comes from the advantages it gives you to be stronger. It makes your body strong which helps prevent injury. It makes your bones stronger which could help prevent osteoporosis. It gives you more energy which overall makes you live a more healthful life.

In addition, strength training also makes you look better. When I first started strength training my goal was to replace my fat with muscle. I had assumed that would result in weight loss. While I did not go down on the scale, I definitely noticed a difference in my body shape the reason for this is because muscle is more fat and dense than fat so it takes up less space than the same weight of fat would on your body.


Finally, if the benefits above weren’t enough, strength training makes you feel like a complete badass.  Not my typical language usage, but honestly I am at a loss for  any other word that would express the feeling I get after leaving a workout where I have lifted heavier than ever before, and pushed myself to the point of exhaustion and kept going.  Since starting to strength train my self esteem has sky-rocketed and I have never been so sure of myself.  For me that is worth any about of work that I put in and benefit enough to keep going with strength training. All of the things listed above are just added bonuses.