Where do I go from here?

Hey everyone!! If you are following my journey you know that I am currently participating in the Bodybuilding.com 200K Transformation Challenge and the Labrada Lean Body Challenge.  Well I am in the last month of both of these challenges, so it is time to think about where I go from here.  I always have a plan, because without a plan you just don’t get anywhere.

So after much thought I have decided I am going to do Insanity.


I have done portions of the Insanity program before and I can tell you that it really has been the most difficult workout program I have ever done.  It is also very worthwhile and the feeling you get when you make it through one of those workouts is a feeling of great accomplishment.  I will be leading a challenge group to go along with this program.  It will be starting on April 1st.  I would love for you to join me!!! Anyone who wants to participate will be invited to join a private Facebook group and I will be there for questions and encouragement along the way.  No matter your fitness level, we WILL get through this together and we WILL see great changes. If you would like more informaito comment below or visit http://www.beachbodycoach.com/tabathacamacho and you can contact me there.  I am so excited that we might be taking this journey together!!!


Do you H.I.I.T.?


Hey everyone, I wanted to take a minute to share with you a excerpt for a blog that I recently wrote for 1st Step Pro Wellness.  It is about high intensity intreval training(HIIT).

When I first started working out I remember spending hour after hour doing cardio. I eventually made it to the point where I could go a whole hour on the elliptical and not even break a sweat. While I was proud of this accomplishment, I got bored and wasn’t really seeing the results I wanted to see. I began to research and realized that there are actually methods to doing cardio. Really? That seemed so silly to me. After all 60 minutes of cardio is 60 minutes of cardio, right? WRONG!!! All along I had been doing steady state cardio. From my research and cardio experimentation I realized that I can actually be more efficient with my cardio workouts by implementing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT for short)

Whether you are wanting to break through a plateau or just push your self to the next level, HIIT can help you!  Check out the rest of the article HERE to find out more info about HIIT and all of the benefits of doing it.  I also share a recent HIIT that I did that really got me sweatin.