Heres the plan…..

Hey everyone,  I am often asked just how to get started on transforming your life.  I have came up with a simple diet and exercise plan that anyone could follow.  If you are ready to make a change check out this plan.



I would love to know what you think about it!!! Let me know at or in the comments below!


Give yourself 21 days!!!- Take the challenge

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Hey Everyone,  Today I want to talk about the importance of making time for yourself and trusting yourself enough to actually let change happen.  I remember before I was actually successful at weight loss, i didn’t even let myself start.  Before I would actually get started I already had myself convinced that I shouldn’t try because I wouldn’t be able to be successful. It was only until I found the right support system that I was able to get it together and actually make steps toward being truly happy with myself and my body.  So I am challenging all of you, Give yourself 21 days to …​

  • Learn healthy habits​
  • Start to exercise​
  • Learn portion control​
  • Make a complete change​
  • Finally take control ​
  • Transform your life​

I will be there with you every step of the way.

  • The Group starts April 6th​
  • You will get to be a part of a free online support group​ to help with motivation accountability
  • You will be able to work with your own online health and fitness coach​
  • You will get a easy to follow meal plan and exercise program for beginners all the way to advanced​

You can do this, and now can be your time to make it happen.  What have you go to lose?  GIVE YOURSELF 21 DAYS!!

For more info visit HERE, comment below,  or email me at tabathasjourneytoforeverfit (at)

Lets get awesome abs!!- Workout Challenge


Hey Everyone!! I know if you are like me, we all dream of having that flat stomach and some abs.  While I know that it can be difficult to obtain, I am more than willing to work for it.  Want to join me? Starting March 23 I will be starting Hip Hop Abs. I am so excited because I know this workout is going to be really fun!! I will also be starting a private online challenge group on Facebook where I will be answering all questions and motivating you to step it up. Is all you have to do is go HERE and buy your own copy of the workout.  So essentially for 19.95 you will get a 30 day ab workout plan (that you can do over and over again) and also me to do the program with you and coach you every step of the way.  If you would like more information comment below, post to my Facebook page, or visit my site. I can’t wait for us to get started!!!

Where do I go from here?

Hey everyone!! If you are following my journey you know that I am currently participating in the 200K Transformation Challenge and the Labrada Lean Body Challenge.  Well I am in the last month of both of these challenges, so it is time to think about where I go from here.  I always have a plan, because without a plan you just don’t get anywhere.

So after much thought I have decided I am going to do Insanity.


I have done portions of the Insanity program before and I can tell you that it really has been the most difficult workout program I have ever done.  It is also very worthwhile and the feeling you get when you make it through one of those workouts is a feeling of great accomplishment.  I will be leading a challenge group to go along with this program.  It will be starting on April 1st.  I would love for you to join me!!! Anyone who wants to participate will be invited to join a private Facebook group and I will be there for questions and encouragement along the way.  No matter your fitness level, we WILL get through this together and we WILL see great changes. If you would like more informaito comment below or visit and you can contact me there.  I am so excited that we might be taking this journey together!!!

Workout Wednesday- Abs

Hey everyone!!!  No those are not  my abs up there, maybe one day :). Today I will be sharing a workout that is a bit different than normal. I usually share the workouts I do in the gym but this is an at home workout.  I do a few sets of and in the gym several times a week but every week I try to get in one longer an session.  Usually this happens at home because I just can’t fit in another gym session. During my at home an routine I don’t count reps, I only count sets. I do all sets till failure.  While this may seem a bit long, I do this in front of the tv so it goes by super fast. 

  • Crunches with legs straight- 3 sets
  • Crunches with legs bent at a 90 degree angle – 3 sets
  • Crunches with legs straight in the air- 3 sets
  • Reverse crunch- 3 sets
  • Lying leg raises (don’t let your feet touch the ground)- 3 sets
  • Lying scissor kicks- 3 sets
  • Leg pull-ins- 3 sets
  • Planks – 3 sets
  • Oblique crunches – 3 sets

Hope you enjoy!!

Workout Wednesday- Chest

Hey Everyone!! As I do every week, I will be sharing a workout with you that I have completed recently. This week I will be sharing a recent chest workout that I did.  I typically work chest with my trainer, but this week I couldn’t make our session and had to workout on my own. So here is my workout.  As always, the amount of weight that you should use should be the maximum that you can handle while completing the recommended number of reps.

  • Barbell bench press- 4 sets of 10
  • Inclined bench press- 4 sets of 10
  • Chest Press machine- 4 sets of 12
  • Dumbbell flys- 4 sets of 10
  • Pec Dec Fly- 4 sets of 12
  • Dips- Chest version 4 sets of 12

Hope you enjoy this workout as much as I did!! If you have any questions I would love to hear them in the comments below!!!