Things I LOVE

Here are a few of my favorite things…..

I love using supplements.  One of my favorites is the liquid Vitamin B12 by  It gives me the energy I need to make almost any day  a productive one! Check it out here!!

Liquid B12 Complex- Cherry Charge

I love using protein powder to get in my daily protein requirements.  It is a simple, no cook way to meet my macros.  While I use several different brands, my favorite right now is Iso-100 Gourmet Chocolae by Dymatize Nutrition.  It is SO good You can check it out here.


If I am looking to Switch things up a bit, or if I am out an about and need a fast meal, I always turn to the ultimate treat, Quest Bars.  They are so delicious and so good for you .  I really do feel like I am cheating when I am eating these. You can check them out here.


As many of you know, buying supplements can be VERY expensive. Lately I have been ordering my supplements from All Star Health.  They really do seem to have the best pricing, and flat rate shipping is always good.

Buy vitamins at


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